• Technical advice
    • Studio layout (new facilities, manufacturing floors, warehouses, utilities), industrial master plan (technical analysis of investment both from the mechanical point of view that economic) relations with suppliers (requests for quotations, comparisons economic / technical, FAT), design (need driven), commissioning and start up the system (up to test the installation direction).
  • Structural design
    • a.c., steel structures, prefabricated structures.
  • Plant design
    • Heating, ventilation, dehumidification, cooling, environmental conditions and process steam lines, compressed air, water and special electrical and transformation.
  • Technological design
    • Solar thermal and photovoltaic installations
  • Works management
  • Safety coordination during planning and execution
    • pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 81/08
  • DIA practices, building permits, DIAP
  • Practical VVF
    • under Ministerial Decree 25/03/1985
  • Land registry
  • Energy Certification

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